Macroevolution: Evidence for Evolution?


Alaska rabbits, like this one, cannot interbreed with Florida rabbits. Does this show we all came from a common ancestor? Image credit: Wikimedia Commons user, ‘Ailura’. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

Among the varying definitions, macroevolution is generally defined as the process of species changing into other species. This can be observed in the present, with many examples of new species arising. But does macroevolution show that all life is descended from a common ancestor?

If the logic is to be our guide, the answer is a clear no. In the same way that no amount war in the present will prove that the Second World War occurred, no amount of change observed in the present will ever prove the historical theory of microbes evolving into man.

A Mechanism for Evolution?

But could the process of macroevolution be a mechanism whereby all life might evolve from a common ancestor? Again, the answer is a clear no. For all the diversities of life to evolve from pond scum, new genetic information must be added along the way. But macroevolution doesn’t require new information to happen! Species can “evolve” even without the addition of new information.


Creationists should never claim that macroevolution hasn’t been observed, or that it is impossible. It hasbeen observed and it is possible. But the point to make here is this: macroevolution is not sufficient to explain the evolution of all life from a common ancestor.

Possible Responses

  1. “If macroevolution is true, and new species can arise, doesn’t this disprove the biblical concept that kinds don’t change?”
    The modern-day specie was defined by the creationist, Carl Linnaeus, and is quite different to the biblical kind. Any two organisms that could originally interbreed are in the same kind, whereas a species contains any organisms that can interbreed in the present. Although we don’t know everything about the original kinds, that is a good area for creationists to do more research.
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