Natural Selection is not Evolution


Lions capturing weaker animals is an example of natural selection
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Life is cruel sometimes – a lion captures and eats a slow zebra. This is all part of a general tendency in nature known as natural selection: weak organisms have a worse chance of surviving to reproduce, whereas strong organisms are better equipped to survive. Sometimes, however, it is not the strong that survive, but the lucky. Even so, natural selection is an observed fact and is an integral part of biblical creation. So does it prove evolutionary change occurs as some evolutionists tell us?

Natural Selection ≠ Evolution

As already explained elsewhere on this website, new genetic information must come about for microbes to evolve into man (see also, this video). Therefore, evolutionary change must add new information. But natural selection does not add any information. It only changes the proportion of organisms in an environment. In simplified words, it generally “looks” for the strong animals and allows those to survive. Natural selection never, by itself, physically changes any part of the genetic makeup of an organism.


Evolutionists are often with the impression that creationists deny natural selection. This is not the case. Natural selection is a repeatedly observable fact, but it doesn’t prove that evolutionary change takes place.

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